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welcome_dot“A Team of Chirality” R/S Tech-Prob Solutions

Our founder Rekha Shah is known in the industry as the “Chirality Queen” because she has developed an unparalleled and uncanny ability to develop a method for the most difficult chiral separation. While working on enantiomeric separation technique at Johnson & Johnson, she developed an expertise to create applications for chiral detectors, CD and ORD. She provided analytical support, especially to develop chiral drug molecules, to drug discovery and process development scientists at Johnson & Johnson for 24 years.

At R/S Tech-Prob Solutions, we use state of the art technology to develop chiral and achiral methods. We screen a variety of chiral stationary phases and develop chiral methods in a couple of days.

We invite you to give us an opportunity to participate in your efforts to synthesize and manufacture drug molecules. We have expertise in chiral and achiral methods development, stability studies, forced degradation studies etc. 

Our mission is to provide expert and cost effective analytical support. The services include chiral method development for starting material, intermediates and product;  isolation and purification of stereoisomer; stability studies of chiral molecules and the determination of absolute configuration.

Our Commitments:

  • Column screening for fast methods development
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Effective communications
  • Customer-oriented services
  • Quality service
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Confidentiality and IP protection
"If the area of chiral separations is an "art" then Rekha Shah is a master artist! Rekha's forte is her years of experience in the field of chiral resolution by high-performance liquid chromatography.  She approaches any separation challenge by relying heavily on her vast hands-on experience gathered over years of practicing the art.  She has developed an uncanny ability to predict what column support and solvent system would work and this has led to a host of rapid and successful base-line chiral separations throughout her career."

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