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R/S Tech-Prob solution is a contract Drug Development and Manufacturing Company, (CDMO). We provide services and support to start up company as well as big pharma companies in the drug development processes. We have expertise in early stage analytical, formulation, development and regulatory activities. Our laboratory is GMP qualified. We have scientists with 30+ years of experience in drug design, drug development, formulation, and analytical techniques at pharmaceutical industries such as Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Sanofie-Avantise and Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

In today’s economic and regulatory pressure, pharmaceutical industries are forced to search for the new drug candidate (new chemical entity, NCE), develop and find a therapeutic value. We can provide you analytical, pharmaceutical, and formulation services.

Our mission is to provide expert and and cost effective analytical, pharmaceutical and regulatory services for IND drug filling stage.

Our Commitments:

  • GMP/GLP Facility
  • Customer oriented services
  • Effective communications
  • Rapid turnaround of time
  • Cost effective and quality services
  • Confidentiality and IP protection
  • State of the art equipment
"If the area of chiral separations is an "art" then Rekha Shah is a master artist! Rekha's forte is her years of experience in the field of chiral resolution by high-performance liquid chromatography.  She approaches any separation challenge by relying heavily on her vast hands-on experience gathered over years of practicing the art.  She has developed an uncanny ability to predict what column support and solvent system would work and this has led to a host of rapid and successful base-line chiral separations throughout her career."

Kirk L Sorgi, Ph.D.
Johnson & Johnson
Senior Director
API Development