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Jupiter, Fl 33458

What are the services we can provide

  • Work with scientists in drug discovery group, drug development group, process synthesis and Drug Metabolism group in the pharmaceuticals as well as bio-tech companies. We work the scientists to analyze starting materials, intermediates and products for identity test, purity test, stability test, metabolite analysis as well as PK studies in a pre-clinical development. The services include chiral and achiral molecules.
  • Work with the consumer industries such as food and beverages providing analytical services such as raw material id, determining concentration of main ingredients as well as stability.
  • Give seminars and short courses specially on chiral chromatography
  • Give seminars and short courses specially on chiral chromatography, theory of column chemistry to separate enantiomer. Also we give seminar on establishing a analytical contract lab, steps involved and services provided that are crucial for a drug development.
  • Methods development
  • Methods validation
  • Raw material and API analysis
  • Writing SOPs and protocols